Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Big Brother's Love

The other day I sat at the computer desk in the living room & was editing Janessa's memorial service video. JJ was playing a video game behind me on the couch.

He said "Mom, we painted my playroom for nothing." I turned around & looked at him for a moment. I replied "Well it wasn't for nothing, JJ." He said "Well it was for Janessa & she is in heaven. Now no one is going to live in that room." He then went on to say "I hope the next one is a boy." I asked "Why do you want a brother so bad?" He replied "Well I already have a sister." I smiled & said "Yes you do JJ, yes you do."

It amazes me each time at how much he loves his little sister he never met. There is something to be said about the pure innocent & uncomplicated love that children posess.

As much as my heart breaks for JJ he also warms it when he speaks of his love for Janessa. I just wish I could have both my children together to share their love.


With Out My Punkin said...

He is such a sweet and sensitive guy! ((hugs)) I wish she was here too!

Anonymous said...

Awww (((hugs)))
I remember about a month or so after I had Shealyn and I went to spend the day with my god kids. They all new I was pregnant and my godson was on the couich snuggleing with me and started talking to my belly. I said to him the the baby wasn't there and he started asking all these questions. I finally said to him thst God want my baby so he could have a baby to take car of. I'll never forget his response and it breaks my heart everytime I think about it and the innosence kids have. He said 'aunt Betty who is God and I want to beat him up for taking your baby.' How do you explain something like thisto a child. Well he now knows who /od is and knows that he wasn't being mean.
Thinking of you and your family. (((Hugs)))

Jill said...

He is so sweet and has so much love for his sister!

Holly said...

He's such a little sweetie! It's amazing how much love they can have for their siblings. The ways that Kyndra is towards Carleigh just melts my heart.

Lisette said...

I love moments like that. I get such a warm feeling when Julian mentions Sami. Your son is an amazing big brother. It breaks my heart that at such young age he knows that life isn't always fair. I know it makes you happy that he thinks of her but sad that you don't have her here to make more memories. Thinking of you guys always.

Mary-Lukas' Mommy said...

Malory, JJ is such a sweet boy. He is definitely a special boy with a special heart. Janessa is a lucky girlt.

Cristin said...

Malory, I know exactly how you feel. The sweet innocent acceptance and questioning I get from my 4 year old is both heartbreaking and strength giving. I love the pride that Murray tells anyone who will listen that he is a big brother. Yes, yes you are big brothers Murray and JJ. Wonderful and amazing big brothers.

Elena said...

It is very comforting and touches my heart when our kids talk of their love for their little sister. JJ is such a sweetie :) What a great older brother!

love and prayers

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