Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We Walked & Remembered

This past weekend my husband, son & I walked in the Relay For life. We have always wanted to take part but had never pursued involvement. They started hosting the event in my town while I was in high school. This year one of my friends, Gina, from school put together a team. She created this team in honor of her mom who is a breast cancer survivor. Gina also walked with us in the March For Babies walk we did in memory of Janessa.

Denise & Gina
Not the greatest quality pic, I left my camera at home & had to use my phone.

Jonathan, JJ & I were there to walk in honor of Gina’s mom & also of my maternal grandfather whom I never met. He died 2 years before I was born from intestinal cancer. We also decided to walk in memory of a dear friend, Kristin’s daughter, Peyton Elizabeth. Peyton was born with infant leukemia & lost her battle when only 28 days old. Kristen has become quite special to me over the past year. Her & Peyton’s story has touched & moved me tremendously. I was glad to have spent International Babylost Mother’s Day with her & another mom, Stephanie. I have shed many many tears for Peyton & her parents. We felt honored to walk in her memory.

I purchased a luminaria bag in Peyton’s memory & created an image on the computer to put on the bag. I also made stickers to wear on our shirts.

It burned long into the night. So many people stopped & looked at her precious little face as they walked by during their lap.

They also had a silent remembrance walk after they lit the luminaria bags. It was so touching to take part in.

As we left the field the last day they had raised over $185,000 & final tallies were not in yet. It was such a wonderful experience & it was put together so nicely. If you have never participated in a Relay For Life you should think about researching one close to your home. Click here to find one near you here.

We joined the team last minute. I had been feeling so ill with being nauseas that I wasn’t sure I could participate. I am so happy we could. Thank you Gina for allowing us to be part of your team. We look forward to next year!


Jen said...

oh Mallory, so sweet of you to do this for sweet Peyton..and everyone would and should stop and look at that little princess..she's so beautiful..xoxo

*Laura Angel said...

So thoughtful of you!!! :)

Jill said...

So sweet of you to walk for Peyton!

Anonymous said...

That was very thoughtful and sweet of you to do for Peyton and her mommy. :-)

Holly said...

That was so wonderful to walk for Peyton!!!

Mary said...

I am truly touched by your post today. It was really sweet of you to walk in Peyton's honor also. You are one of the amazing woment that has made this community what it is.

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