Sunday, June 20, 2010

To My Husband on Father's Day

To the amazing man who shares my life & heart. To the one who has given me the most precious little boy. For the father that you are to him & husband you are to me. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

To the only one in this world who knows my soul, my happiness & my pain. The only one who shares & carries this grief in the sense I do. The only one who misses her with the deep ache I feel. We have carried each other the last 14 months. I thank you for allowing me my grief in any way I felt the need to grieve for our child. I appreciate the support you have provided. I hope I have done the same.

In your arms I find comfort & love. I find acceptance of everything I am. I find her. The piece of her that is in you.

Together we will carry her for the rest of our lives. She will live in us.

I wish we could've have witnessed what it would have been like to raise our daughter. What it would have been like to see you with your little girl. How she would have had you wrapped around her sweet little finger.

I am sure she is looking down & is proud to have you as her Daddy. I know JJ feels that way.

I have loved you for over 12 years now. I always will.

Happy Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post!!

caitsmom said...

This is lovely. So much love. ((((hugs))))

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