Sunday, February 22, 2015

Support Group

Recently, I teamed up with a couple of my babyloss sisters to offer another resource to the babyloss community. We are happy to share with you that Butterfly Footprints will now be offering a support group for those parents who faced the loss of their baby. 

The Butterfly Footprints Support Group will strive to be a safe place for bereaved parents of pregnancy & infant loss to come and share their hearts & find support on their grief journey. The group will focus on grief and healing. Our hope is that members will find friendships and receive the same lifeline that was offered to us in our initial grief. It is because of the babyloss community & the friendships we forged with other loss mamas, that we are at the place we are today. We will be forever grateful for those experiences and hope you all will be able to find the love, support, compassion, empathy, friendship, light, inspiration, & healing that was graciously gifted to us. 

It was because of that & the many years of hard grief work, that I was finally able to obtain a piece of peace. I wish that for all of you.

This group will strive to be and stay a safe and secure zone for parents in all stages of their grief. We ask that all posts and comments be respectful & compassionate.

You can join here:

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