Thursday, December 2, 2010

Progress Update

I cannot beleive it is December! I feel as though on May 14th, 2009 I stepped into some sort of time warp. Time to me feels as though it is flying past me & standing still at the same time. I have no idea how 18+ months have passed me by. I really mean "passed me by". I feel as though half of me is moving forward & the other half lives that day over & over. Its as though I have only been living half conciously. Grief still has its grip on the other half.

I don't know how we got here so quickly but I am so grateful we are at this point. We are so close to having this little boy in our arms.

I have had two biophysical ultrasounds since last entry & he passed both :) I brought my friend Sharna along to the Nov. 23rd appointment.  She got to have a little peek at him and I was grateful for the company. I went to this past Tuesday's appointment alone for the first time. I was nervous being there alone in case something happend. I ended up being there for about 3 hours between the biophysical, doc appt. & then labwork. Because I had anticipated this to be a long visit I had decided to go by myself since my husband could not make it.

During the biophysical we noticed that the baby was in the strangest position. He was basically bent in half, head down, with one of his feet up against the side of his head. His other foot was off to the side. It did not look comfortable by any means & I kept asking her if that was ok! She also asked me if anyone had told me the baby looks like he has hair yet. She then showed me these lines on the ultrasound coming off of his scalp & she said most likely what we were seeing is his hair. I never knew they could tell this way! It didn't surprise me though. Jayden was born with a full head of hair & so was Janessa & she was only 31 weeks.

After the bio I headed next door for my appointment with the doctor. My blood pressure was not as good as usual with it being about 134/80. I am hoping it is not on the rise. I had been getting some pretty good readings lately. I will now be seen every week by her along with the weekly biophysical ultrasounds we have been doing. She asked me what I decided about delivery. I told her that we have decided to opt for the amnio at 37 weeks with the possible induction. She explained that I would come in & have the amnio done & then be monitored for the following hour while the results came back. If it is determined his lungs are developed I would be induced then. It turns out she is on "service" that week in labor & delivery so she will be the one to deliver. I am grateful for that since I have not met any of the other doctors from this practice. I turn 37 weeks on December 26th. We are looking at possibly December 27th & will know for sure next Tuesday. Thats only 3 1/2 weeks from now! We may be able to bring the new year in with him here with us!

The labwork was an extra add on that day. I had told my doc about some horrible nausea I experienced on Sunday evening that lasted until about 6 am Monday morning. She decided to send me for some lab work to check for early signs of preeclampsia. I did not hear from her on Wednesday so I beleive they came back with good results!

Work on the nursery started about a week and half ago. I handled it much much better than I thought I would. I think it happend to be the right time in the pregnancy for me to feel the urge to start preparations. I think I had worked through some of the emotions to get me to that point. Although I am still scared to let myself go completely into "were bringing this baby home definitely mode", I WANT TO.  I miss being able to feel that excitement fully. It felt good to get some things started for this little one. I even started a hospital bag. I am not sure I ever packed one for Jayden & never had the chance with Janessa. Since each time I go in for a biophysical I run the chance of needing a Non Stress Test & possible induction if they don't like the results, I felt the need to have one ready. I am hoping to have it complete before next Tuesday.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the progress in the room:

More work has been finished since the day those pics were taken but I'll save those pics for when the room is complete. I am hoping to make a decision on furniture in the next few days & get that ordered.

I am also looking forward to my baby shower this Sunday that my Mom has put together. It'll be nice to celebrate this little boy's impending arrival. 


Stacy Spuria said...

I wasn't sure you knew about the shower! lol. I'm so happy for you! How exciting it is to be so close to delivery! Ian was a planned c so I knew (and actually got to choose within a few days) when his birthday would be. Wishing you all the best from here on out! Can't wait to see more pics. Hope you are able to get some rest and relax a bit :)

Holly said...

I hope you have a good time at your baby shower!

It does sound like your little one is gonna have a head of hair on him! :) And I hope that the amnio will show his lungs are developed and that you can deliver him then.

susanne said...

Hi, Im a norwegian girl, deeply touched by your story..Ive read through your blog now..Took some time but all wo rth it. I love yout honest writing, and I will keep reading yout blog, and pray for you, your husband, baby girl and new rainbow baby boy!!! hugs

Lisette said...

JJ is so cute! Love that he is so happy to be helping. I am so happy that all tests are going well. 3 weeks, wow so scary and exciting. What a great way to ring in the new year for your guys. Your shower is going to be wonderful, can't wait to see pictures.

Amanda B. said...

The room is looking good. I love that JJ is helping!

December 27th?!!! That's so soon! I'm not scheduled for my c-section until January 24th! Sooo long!

I'll see you on Sunday!

Once A Mother said...

awww how cute is it that jj is helping! 3.5 weeks mama! you are almost there and baby boy is almost here! so excited for you!

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