Friday, December 17, 2010

10 More Days...Maybe!

On Monday baby boy had a lazy day. He wasn't extremely active but every time I layed down he would move around & he passed the 3 or 4 kick counts I did that day! I was relieved we had a biophysical the next day.

On Tuesday we had our weekly biophysical & monthly growth scan. Baby did great & passed with flying colors. I watched as he moved his diaphragm and practiced his breathing with more force than ever before. He no longer has his feet pressed up against his head which for some reason makes me feel better. I knew this already because he has been using them to push against my right side & move around. He has been head down for well over a month now.
Based on my LMP I was 35 weeks 2 days. Based on the growth scan he was measuring 36 weeks 5 days. They calculated his weight to be 6 pounds 2 oz. That's crazy considering his big brother was 7 pounds even at 40 weeks 3 days when he was born. This little boy is chunky :) He is measuring in the 76th percentile. What scared me is reading his head circumference measured in the 87% percentile. OUCH! His heart rate was his fave number of 143 BPM.
I headed home & then later that evening attended my husband's basketball game. He coaches our local high school's varsity girl's team. I knew sitting on the bleachers would  be uncomfortable. About half way through the game my back began to hurt. I didn't think too much of it and toughed it out until the end. I had a back ache all night & woke up on Wednesday to a few braxton hicks contractions which is not abnormal for me. I have gotten them very early on with all my pregnancies. They usually happen right when I wake up. But that morning my stomach was getting very tight & staying that way much longer than it should have. It also felt slightly sore. This of course reminds me of the abruption and I go into panic mode. Baby was moving and I checked his heart rate and my blood pressure and both were good. I called the doctor's office the minute they opened and changed my appointment that day from 11:00 am to 9:30 am. My husband brought me because I was quite worried. Luckily little man kept moving around so that eased some panic.
The minute they asked if I had pain and I told them what was going on they hooked me up for a non stress test. This was my first one. I have had tons of biophysicals but have never had to have a non stress test. I had a few braxton hicks while on it. One was pretty strong. The baby was squirming around everywhere. When the doc came in she asked if I had felt that contraction and I told her yes. She said I was contracting every 6 minutes. I had only felt 2 or so of them. She said the baby looked great & he was handling the contractions very well. She left me on extra time due the contractions.
My blood pressure was borderline high at 130/80. She checked my cervix & I was 2 cm dilated and soft. I was 2 cm dilated with my older son for about a month before his birth so that did not surprise me. She said if the contractions became more painful and frequent to call. She told us she was on call that night in Labor and Delivery if anything. My husband wasn't expecting to hear that...his face was priceless finding out that this little boy could make his entrance at any point.
We went home and he went to work. The contractions did get stronger & closer but not to the point of making a call to the doctor until about 7:00 pm when I had 8 in one hour. They were not terribly painful. When she called me back she said to monitor for another hour and see if they increase or let up. The next hour I had about 4 or 5. She called back to check in and I was instructed if they got 5-6 mins apart to call back. They never did get that close. I drank a ton of water and they eased up and I was able to get some sleep.
On Thursday I only had a few right as I awoke. I then overdid the preparations later that evening & those contractions returned with a fury. I was breathing through them as they came but they were still not close enough to call. They lasted a few hours & I drank fluids to see if that helped. I eventually drifted off to sleep but was very uncomfortable all last night with a back ache. The heating pad did help some. Today I am achy and slightly sore. I was suppose to volunteer for the last time in my son's class today but had to cancel. He was so disappointed. I've only had a few contractions.
I think this little one wants out. Half of me is ready and half of me is not. I cannot continue on for days feeling the way I do either. I guess we'll wait and see. Only 10 days left until the amnio and possible induction if he hangs on!
Today I am going to pick out his furniture and get it ordered, I just hope I can make it!


Lisette said...

Oh goodness how scary and exciting at the same time. I think he is ready and he is letting you know. I am so excited for this arrival. You have done such a great job this whole pregnancy. I know it hasn't been easy on you.
I say he will be here on the 21st (don't ask me why). Rest up because he will be in your arms in no time ((HUGS)).

brigette said...

You are getting so close!! I am so excited for you!! Ill keep my fingers crossed he holds on a little longer for you but that you get ease from some of the pain!!

Stacy Spuria said...

How exciting! Can't wait to hear the good news that he is here and well! Wishing you a speedy delivery! Also curious about the name you finally chose...don't remember you mentioning it other than a poll you set up ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Maybe he will be your Christmas present. I am so excited and can't wait to meet him. Keeping you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you. xoxo

Susan said...

So excited to meet your little man!! Hope that the next several days are peaceful and that he stays put long enough for you to enjoy Christmas at home! Keep us posted!!!

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