Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's in a Name?

Apparently a lot of stress, tough decisions & tears!

My husband and his brother at our wedding 10.18.08
I have received quite a few inquiries regarding the choice of JD's middle name...here is the answer...

Before we went to bed the night before our scheduled induction for JD we had to come to a decision about his middle name. At this point we were just relieved we had a first name! Picking out his first name proved to be quite challenging!

Throughout the entire pregnancy my husband held onto this hope that we would use his father's name, William, as the middle name. We had endless conversations and honestly some heated discussions about it. I wouldn't budge. I just couldn't get it to flow nicely with any of the potential first names we had. I also tend to lean towards the more modern names. He wasn't happy. We used his first name, Jonathan, as JJ's middle name and he really wanted to have another family name be included in JD's. This is why we were at week 37 with no decision.

It was now crunch time so we had to get to it. I made a list with any name I sort of liked which compiled to 17 names. I was desperate to find one! My hubby went through and crossed out the ones he disliked. He picked out his top two (Alexander and Eli) and so did I (Jamison and Jayce). (*Jamison was the only boy name I had picked out while pregnant with Janessa and was the runner up for JD's first name). Since NONE of the middle names we chose were the same we had to do some negotiating. He crossed out one of mine out and I did the same for him. He scratched Jayce and I eliminated Alexander. We were then left to negotiate between Eli and Jamison.

Quite a few months back I had come across Eli (pronounced E-lie) and mentioned it to my hubby. His brother's name is Eliseo (pronounced El-lee-say-o) which is mispronouned by so many. We call him Eli (pronounced El-lee). Eliseo is also JJ's godfather. He now lives in Florida and has since a few months before JJ was born. When Janessa passed he jumped on the first flight and was there just hours after she was born. When he walked into the hospital room she was in my arms and within seconds of him entering he had whisked her into his. That day I saw pure love. She was gone but she was still his niece. He loved her unconditionally. It touched me in ways my typed words can not portray. I thought using Eli (E-lie) would be a nice way to incorporate a family name into Jordan's name even though it would be pronounced differently. My husband didn't really jump at it at the time since he was still holding onto William.

Now that we were at this point we were feeling the pressure. We had used all J's for JJ's name and were not sure we would want to do that again although it would have been something both boys would have.

In the end and even though the name Jamison held a special meaning for me I felt that using Eli (E-lie)would be best.

I kept the piece of paper with all the possible choices to put into JD's baby items for him to see in the future. I cannot wait to hear what he thinks about the name William, lol.

And that my friend's is the story behind his middle name. :)

(p.s. next post: birth story, promise!)


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