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The Arrival of JD (part two)

...Continued from The Arrival of JD (part one). Missed that one? Read it HERE.

Around 3:00 the shift changed. My second nurse ended up being AMAZING. She was so attentive and had a great personality. We talked about our history and Janessa. She spent most of the time in the room at her station. That was reassuring after all we had been through. Throughout the labor we lost JD's heartbeat a few times when he moved and we freaked out a bit. She came in eased us and found it rather quickly again.

A little after shift change my mother arrived with JJ. He was wearing his "big brother" shirt.

I had purchased it while expecting Janessa. I had planned to pack it away with Janessa's items and buy a new one but one day JJ saw it and asked "Mom, can I still wear that?". I said "Yes if you would like to". And so we hung it up in his closet to await the arrival of his little brother. Today was the day he finally got to put it on.

I didn't start feeling any contractions for quite awhile. When I did they felt like very mild period cramps. The all stayed under my belly button. The pain never stretched out from top to bottom like I had felt with my first two births. I kept waiting for them to intensify and become labor contractions. They sporadically felt a little stronger but for the most part they were a breeze. What killed me was the anticipation of them getting worse which never really happened.

They had offered to give me the epidural anytime I wanted it. I was on pitocin so the contractions would not be able to slow or stop. Since I was handling them so easily I opted to wait until I needed it. We watched on the monitor as they spiked up and down. I was amazed that the spikes were not too bad. I had two horrible birth experiences before JD's birth and I was just waiting for it to go bad.

My husband's mom, dad, sister and our niece showed up a couple hours after my mother and son, so maybe around 5. They stayed in the room awhile with us.

I was sooo hungry our nurse gave me two cups of jello to eat spaced out. She also gave some popsicles which helped some.

Around 7ish I started to get uncomfortable but it was still not horrible pain like my first two labors. I was getting tired and the contractions were starting to get a bit stronger. Most of my pain was coming from back labor. With JJ I had such extreme back labor that after the epidural didn't work with him I broke down and sobbed. I was scared it would happen again. I was now uncomfortable enough to want everyone to leave my room except my hubby of course. I opted to have the epidural before I was in too much pain. I was 4 cms dilated. I had been 2 cm dilated for a couple weeks prior to this day.

The epidurals I had with JJ and Janessa DID NOT work. The epi with JJ didn't do anything at all. There was no change from before they gave it to me to after. The one with Janessa worked for a short while. It did allow me to fall asleep for a short nap but then on one side the pain came back. The abruption pain never went away though. They were unable to adjust the epi and eventually I felt everything again.

This time when the anesthesiologist finally arrived I found myself so nervous. I had been in so much pain with JJ and Janessa that all I wanted then was relief! This time I was in pain but not enough to take away my fears. Luckily I had a great anesthesiologist this time. IT WORKED! When it first started to work my butt went numb and felt sooo heavy as well as my thighs. I started getting scared thinking something was wrong. They explained to me that is what it is suppose to feel like. I was amazed. I couldn't get over the pain relief. I must have thanked them a handful of times. They knew my history with epis and skepticism regarding the effects.

I thought they would break my water after the epi but they decided to hold off a bit. The family came back in. My hubby was starving so he ordered some food to be delivered sometime around 8 pm. I was soooo hungry and annoyed that he would be eating in front of me so I made him eat downstairs in the lobby.

They had mentioned they would break my water around 11 pm. My doctor was no longer on so I ended up having one of the docs we had on one of our visits to L&D triage. We really liked her as well so we were happy. When it was almost 11 pm we mentioned it to the nurse so she had her come in to check me. The family went back to the waiting room. When she checked I was 6 cm dilated. She broke my water and then left the room.

I brought a picture of Jayden and one of Janessa to have in the room with us. My husband positioned them where I could see them for when it was time to deliver so I could have something to focus on.

Fives minutes later I got intense pressure and pain. At first I thought the epi wore off. I paged the nurse. I told her the epi was no longer working. I was near tears. She mentioned that even though I was just checked 5 minutes prior and was only 6 cm she wanted the doc to come check again. She said she had seen labor and dilation progress rather quickly before. When the doc got there around 11:12 she checked and I was 9.5 cms. She manually took away the rest of the "lip" to get me to 10 cm. I went from 6-9.5 in about 10 minutes maybe less. They had to rush and get everything ready. The doctor had two residents come in with her now that it was delivery time. There was also an additional nurse. The pain now was excruciating. I started pushing around 11:24 pm. After a few pushes I heard the nurse say something softly to the doctor and the doctor replied "We need to get the baby out." On the next push he was delivered. I had only pushed for 12 minutes.

HE CRIED immediately. One of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.

JD was born on December 27th, 2010 at 11:36 pm. He weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 20 inches.

Due to the scare they had to boycott our original plan of putting him straight on my chest. My husband was so nervous about him being ok he declined cutting the cord so they could quickly whisk him away and make sure he was healthy. The nurse later told me that his heartrate had dropped when I was pushed so thats what caused the concern & the last minute rush to get him out.

They checked him out and all was good.

Here is a short video clip of him minutes after birth:

JD minutes after birth from Every Life Has A Story on Vimeo. 12.27.10

I then finally got him in my arms.

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