Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Arrival of JD (part one)

I know this is looooonnnnggg overdue but there are a few reason why...

-I was overwhelmed. He was here. He was alive. I couldn't believe it. There are still times I look at him and I'm in awe.

-Four scary things happened while in the hospital and I get major anxiety just thinking about it. I know from writing this post I will still experience some which is completely opposite of what I feel normally when I blog. I usually get a sense of release, of peace.

So here goes...I am going to do this in 3 seperate parts because it would be extremely lengthy if I did not.

Before we left for the hospital
The night before our scheduled induction was the first real snowfall of the winter here. They also predicted a blizzard with 20 inches of snow! We could NOT believe that was happening. Thoughts ran through my mind that maybe this was a sign that we shouldn't induce early. That maybe we had made the wrong decision. The doctor had called the afternoon before to see if we would like to reschedule. My husband was completely confident we should keep our plan so we declined. I had some fear that if we waited just one extra day something would happen to him. I told my friend they would have to lock the hospital doors to keep me out! We didn't really expect the full 20 inches and we were correct...we only got about 6 inches!

We woke up and got ready. Our appointment was scheduled for 9:00 am. The nerves didn't really kick in until we were getting in the car. It felt awkward not being in labor and heading to the hospital to most likely deliver a baby! We stopped to get gas and my husband went in for coffee at the DD inside. I had him buy me a donut but never ate it due to my nerves. It was a quiet ride up there. I think we were both lost in our thoughts...and worries. Excitement was in there but with our history it was overshadowed a bit. The roads were not bad at all considering how little snow we ended up with.

When we reached the hospital we headed straight to ultrasound where the amnio would take place to make sure his lungs were mature. I was nervous but I had NO IDEA what I was in for.

When we were called in the tech did a quick biophysical to check on JD and locate the best pocket of fluid to insert the needle for the amnio. She then went to get the doctor who was on duty who had been doing these for 20 years. A few minutes later in walked my own doctor! She decided she would like to do it.

I had wondered why no one had told me any "stories" about their amnio when I discussed our plans to have one. I wondered why no one had commented on this blog telling me any details of what I was in for, good or bad. I NOW KNOW WHY. *OUCH!* It was so incredibly painful! In fact I would rather give birth. NO JOKE. It seemed like it took forever and it definitely took longer than what I was told it would. My hubby, who watched the entire thing unlike I who never even took a glance, said she didn't get enough fluid the first couple times she suctioned it so she had to do it a few times more. Not reinserting, just suctioning it a few times to get enough. I was pulling at my hair and pleading in my mind for it to be over. Knowing what I know now I would have waited until 38 weeks to skip the amnio!

After it was completed we went down the hall to my doctor's office to have a non stress test to make sure the baby was ok after the amnio. They put us in the exam room I always seemed to get. This is the room that just happes to have a picture of a rainbow colored by an elementary student hanging on its wall. I was monitored for what I believe was about 45 minutes and he was doing great. The results of the amnio were not back yet so they let me go down to the cafeteria to have a light late breakfast/early lunch. I was starving so it took everything I had not to eat a four course meal. I settled for two bowls of cereal, some tea & a granola bar. I'm pretty sure they meant for me to have a much lighter meal than that but telling a pregnant lady to eat light is like telling her not to breathe.

Our view from our room

We headed back upstairs to wait for the results. Finally the doctor came out, maybe around 12:30 or so and shook her head yes and said "follow me!". We were taken up to labor and delivery and brought into our room. I got settled into a lovely hospital gown and met our first nurse. After getting the worst IV, well actually 3 of the WORST IVs, of my life (*they usually go in so smoothly I don't flinch) they hooked me up to the machines to monitor JD's heartrate. I loved hearing his heart and I took comfort in the continuing sound of it.

I then glanced up on the wall and saw a picture of white picket fence. That is all it was. Some foliage and a white fence. It struck me. Since losing Janessa I have said over and over again how perfect our life had been before she died. I married my high school sweetheart, we had our little boy, we live in a place we currently love, I am a stay at home mom to our amazing son, we had a baby girl on the way and all we needed was that darn white picket fence. Now there one was staring me in the face. I wasn't sure what to make of it. If it meant anything, if it was some sort of sign..some message of sort...I don't know what it meant but I couldn't take my eyes off it.

We didn't really mental note the times all that well and it doesn't help that I am writing this three and half months later... I am pretty sure the pitocin was started around 2:00 pm...

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