Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Months

Sunday JD turned 2 months and Monday he turned 9 weeks old.

Yesterday at his appointment he weighed in at 11 lbs 12 oz!

JD has more alert times now but still sleeps most of the day in small spurts. He is smiling a lot more and we can now talk to him to get him to smile. He has started cooing a lot in the past couple days. I love to listen to him.

He is also noticing things & is studying them more intently. The hanging toys on all his baby paraphenilia are getting some use.

He is eating 5-6 oz every 2.5-3 hours during the day. He has recently started giving us a 5 hour stretch from around 11pm-4am each night. Saturday he slept until 5 am which was a treat.

JD loves to be held. Some days it seems I hold him all day. He likes to be rocked and gently bounced. He loves to sleep on us on his belly. If we could do this at night I think he would sleep the whole night through.

He has already changed so much.

He likes to clutch his hair on the back of his head while sleeping.

The problem is sometimes he grasps so hard he pulls it and cries. He doesn't realize what he is doing is hurting himself! I have to pry his little fingers off his hair. He likes to grab mine as well when he over my shoulder. I am pretty sure I now have less hair on the left side of my head than the right! He has defnitely reduced the amount of hair on the back of his head:

Last Thursday JD had an ultrasound for his hips. The pediatrician who was on duty at the hospital when he was born noticed that he had hip-clicks. We followed up that finding with JD's pediatrician and she felt a slight one in his left hip. His hip joints were very lax so she ordered the ultrasound to check if his joints had formed correctly and also for Hip Dysplasia. Thankfully everything checked out great. His hips are perfect and they do not come out of the joint when pushed on or moved. What a releif!

Unfortunately JD is suffering from silent reflux. Most of the time when layed on his back he is very restless. He will only sleep well if he is inclined. Here he is sleeping in his bouncy seat:

February 6th, 2011
He rarely sleeps sound. He grunts & pants alot in his sleep and does so most of the time he is awake as well. He does not spit up a lot but does so a little while burping and also if he has been on his back for a diaper change etc. He is almost always restless. Sometimes he gets this look on his face like he is in pain or is tasting something bad. He often arches his back which can be a symptom as well. Silent reflux is when the baby spits up but swallows it instead of expelling it. The result is their throats can be burned by the stomach acid. Two weeks ago his doc recommended I add a few teaspoons of cereal to his formula. She explained that it would be the more conservative treatment for reflux vs. medication (such as a baby does of zantac). By thickening the milk it helps keep it in the stomach. I bought the cereal but have yet to do it. I have always read how NOT to put cereal in the bottle and that it is a choking hazard. The risk is if they choke they could aspirate some of the formula and/or cereal into their lungs. That is a risk I am not sure I would like to take. JD already frequently gags on his formula while feeding. He seems to lose his rhythm. Feeding cereal too early can also result in an increase of food allergies since their stomachs are not ready for food quite yet. It can also cause weight issues due to the extra calories they do not need quite yet. At yesterday's appointment I told her I had yet to do the cereal due to these concerns. I could tell she does not agree with the medication. She said to start with one teaspoon and increase from there to see how he does. *sigh* I really do not know what to do. Have any of you dealt with this?

At the appointment JD got his 2 month shots. One in each leg & the rotavirus drink. JJ held his hand. Today he has a slight fever and is wanting some extra cuddle time. JD also rolled over from his belly to his back for the first time, twice, on the table in the office yesterday!

JJ is loving having a little brother. He has waited so long for this.

JD got a little fussy after lying down there for a little while so I picked him up. JJ said "Hey! I like him!". I laughed so hard.

JJ talks about Janessa a lot lately. When he does his eyes gloss over with tears. The other day he told me he cried because she was not here. I changed out one of her pics in a frame with a better quality one and he took the old one and hung it up in his room next to his picture of JD. He amazes me with his love for his sister whom he never met. A regret that eats at me each and every day. In my perfect life she would be here to be a little sister to JJ and a big sister to JD. Its hard to beleive she would be 21 months now.

These months are flying by.


Jessica said...

go JD!! Rolling from front to back LOL!! It is so hard when docs don't agree with how you feel, but ultimately you are mom...its up to you. The doc is there to advise.

Once A Mother said...

i couldn't help but giggle at the picture of JD with his hand at the back of his head. How adorable! I am so sorry to hear about the reflux issues. JJ is such a wonderful brother. What a loving heart he has. I am so sorry Janessa is not here with you all. I know that she is looking over you and feeling so proud and loved.

Amanda said...

I can't believe how big he is now! That 2 week/2 month comparison is crazy! He sounds so much like Eleanor- she can't wait to meet him. The little cooing sounds and the sleeping on his stomach on you. I am so sick of tv but I just never want to get up when she's laying on my chest like that.

JJ sounds like such an amazing brother and it's wonderful that he keeps Janessa in his heart. You have such a special family.


Carly said...

SO cute! What a sweet big brother JJ is. My rainbow baby had reflux. I tried all of the conservative methods, but ended up putting him on zantac for a few months. It did seem to help him. I also would move his legs in bicycle and he liked that too.

Anonymous said...

What kind of formula is JD taking right now? Enfamil AR has rice starch added, rather than whole rice thickens the formula and weighs it down in their tummies without adding the extra calories and cuts out all the issues the cereal can cause by introducing it too early. If it's something you can try, I'd try it for sure. It was a lifesaver for us and we managed to go med-free it helped so much. I cant believe he is already 2 months old, and has grown so much!! Beautiful.

Kim Golinski said...

Im sorry to hear about his tummy troubles. Its sad when they are this little and have pain :(

I had to add cereal to Mini's bottles when she was 8 weeks she is 19 months now. She is a bigger girl but she was big at birth anyways. She has not had any weight concerns. She has zero allergies and eats everything already ( including PB). We never had any choking issues at all, but it did help keep the formula in her tummy.

She spit up a lot so it was a relief that it worked. I know its a little different situation but I just wanted to give a little insight.

Hope JD is feeling better!! See you soon!

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