Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on JD

Because so many of you are so sweet and have cared enough to check in with me about JD...

JD is doing slightly better.

We have had two doctor appointments since my last post regarding the ER trip. She wanted to keep a close eye on him in case he started to get worse. On Friday January 11th he weighed in completely naked at 9 lbs 11 oz. Four days later on the 14th he weighed in at 10 lbs 12 oz! He definitely hit his 6 week growth spurt! He did that for his 2 week spurt as well.

He is a champion eater. He eats 5-6 oz every 2 1/2 hours during the day. Every 3-4 hours during the evening and night. He is on special formula due to his intolerance of milk based and soy. In the begining he didn't even tolerate breast milk very well. He eventually was ok with it but was extremely gassy. There was talk of me cutting out all dairy. I couldn't do it. The formula he is on now is broken down more than regular ones. Its considered "predigested". His body basically does not need to do anything but absorb it so it does not hold him very long. This is why he eats so often during the day. I really admire all you breastfeeding mommas. I couldn't hang! Yup. I'm a drop out.

He has now been sick for almost three weeks. Thankfully he has been free of any wheezing or temperature since the start of his cold. He is still congested but it is now very loose. He has a little cough but I think its from the post nasal drip. He seems to cough to clear it out. He cannot lie flat or he seems to be overwhelmed by the amount of mucus. He is taking his time bouncing back from this. I wish he would just feel better. I hate to se him sick. He is just so little and it worries me. I definitely would never intentionally plan a winter baby. Too many germs during the cold and flu season flying around. My son brings home the schools germs & both my husband and mother work in the school system as well.

Concerned big bro

Since day one JD has not been comfortable lying flat. We have had to have him inclined all the time. He spits up small amounts very frequently and we believe he has some reflux going on. His adversion to lying flat and possibly his panting episodes could be from him being uncomfortable. His panting has been happening less often the past few days which is nice. If the spit up continues we will deal with the reflux issue in the next week or so.

He is a restless sleeper because at night we lay him flat in his bassinette. We were given this cosleeper contraption that has a slight incline and we have been trying that out the past week or so. He is sleeping a little better.

His doctor thought it was a real possibility he may end up hospitalized. She had another little baby with the same original symptoms and he ended up admitted. She was reassured at our last visit so we do not see her until his 2 month check up which is scheduled 2 weeks from today. He is already 7 1/2 weeks old!

On a sidenote I am happy to share that JJ made honor roll for the second time! :)

And for those who faithfully follow my blog, little Eleanor is home safe & sound from the NICU!


brigette said...

YAY. Im glad the little eleanor is out. I will keep praying your sweet little boy gets all the way better poor little guy. He is such a cuite!

DavidJSpuria said...

Ian had a lot of issues with laying flat too. I ended up putting a folded blanket under the bassinet mattress and he was fine. I had to give up dairy too when nursing him he's been lactose intolerant for years though they have told me he'd "grow out of it". So happy to hear of JJ making honor roll! Smart kid takes after mom and dad!

Stacy Spuria said...

sorry! didn't know dave was signed into his account

*Laura Angel said...

Keep on feelin better lil JD!

Lisette said...

So glad that JD is feeling a little better. I hope it continues and he doesn't need to be admitted.
Hooray for Eleanor.
Proud of JJ for making honor roll!

Jessica said...

Thinking about you and your sweet little man. Very behind on blogs so I am just seeing this now. Hope he feels better soon.

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