Saturday, January 29, 2011

All About JD

I will eventually get around to JD's birth story and my baby shower post but for now I will share some tid bits about our little man.

Two days ago JD turned one month old. Crazy. It went by fast. Too fast.

Although I told myself to take too many pictures I feel as though I didn't take enough.

JD is amazing. He is a pretty laid back baby. He doesn't cry that much but when he does, he does so fiercely. He found his lungs a couple weeks ago after being fairly quiet before then.

He eats like a champ. He now is eating 3-6 oz at each meal every 3-4 hours. He weighed in yesterday at his one month check up at 8 lbs 6 oz and he was 21.5 inches. A couple weeks back he went from 6 lbs 6 oz to 7 lbs 12 oz in one week! He has already outgrown most of his newborn clothes and diapers. Once he has a full belly you can expect to see lots of smiles on his face. He has done this from day one. Every once in a while he will let out a little chuckle. It is probably gas or him peeing but nonetheless its adorable. He very frequently glances above my head at the same spot and smiles. I can't help but think of what I always heard growing up that babies see angels.

JD HATES to get his diaper or clothes changed and he dislikes anything cold. I even purchased a wipe warmer for him. A device I once thought useless.

He may hate the cold but loves his nice warm bath. He is silent through the whole thing. He sleeps amazing afterward.

JD almost always sneezes in threes. He brings both his fists up to his nose at the same time. I must try and get this on camera, its so cute.

The gagging episodes he has had since the hospital are starting to be farther between and I hope eventually they end. They are definitely scary. It seems as though he is trying to get something up but cannot. He turns red/purple and does not seem to be able to breathe. A few times the milk came out his nose although he rarely spits up during these episodes. We have to use the suction ball to get some of the mucus out of his mouth and nose at times. One incident lasted about 15 minutes and I ended up waking my neighbor who is a nurse at 3 am to check him out. While still in the hospital they thought that since I only pushed for eleven minutes his lungs did not have time to get completely squeezed out in the birth canal. I also think he has some mild reflux going on.

He is a restless sleeper. Sleep around here has been scarce. He moans and grunts and tosses and turns almost all night. I believe this to be from him being a bit gassy. I have been trying out different nipples and just yesterday purchased a new type of bottle to try. I have bought some gas drops as well but they don't seem to make a huge difference. I cannot sleep when he is making these noises so it tends to be a long night until we both finally pass out cold.

I remember the day it seems his sight came into focus. He locked on to my face and eyes and I knew he could see me and not just some shape in front of him. I love sitting and staring into his eyes.

Speaking of his eyes...he has one eyelash on each eye that is longer than the rest. When he is sleeping on me and I find myself just staring in awe of him, my eyes are always drawn to those little eyelashes.

His eyes are still blue. We wonder if they will change to brown like my husband and I or if he will be a freak of nature and keep his blue eyes like JJ did. JJ has a blue/grey color with specks of yellow. At times you can see green as well. I never know what color to put down when asked that question on documents. Only time will tell about JD's eyes but I am secretly hoping he gets to keep those gorgeous dark blues.

JJ is loving being a big brother. He is protective of him and worries about him. He even moved a couch pillow away from his sleeper dome the other day and then proceeded to show his annoyance with me that it could have fallen on him. He likes to hold him and JD's cries do not seem to bother him. He likes to try and soothe him without help and believes his kisses makes him stop crying.

JD also has some tricks. For instance he can sense when I am trying to eat and begins to fuss. I believe he is trying to help me diet. He also has an awareness of the time I need to leave the house and decides that is his meal time. Its quite impressive, lol. I am still working out this baby thing. It has been 7 1/2 years so I feel like a first time mom again.

But when I eventually get out the door doesn't he look so cute all bundled and strapped up?

JD loves to be held. He is so content in our arms. It is the only place he always sleeps so soundly. In fact I am holding him now as he sleeps making this quite a task to type. I keep smelling his neck to get a scent of his baby lotion baby smell.

I have missed this.


Raquel said...

He is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is so cute. Love that smile! I am so happy for all of you. Our son has blue eyes like his father and our daughter has brown eyes like me. Her's were brown from the beginning. Enjoy and remember to take lots of pictures!

Heather said...

Our little guys are growing! He's a doll!

Kim Golinski said...

The picture of him smiling stuns me. He looks just like JJ.

I just want to hold him again! He is perfect.

brigette said...

he is so cute!! What an angel. Im glad things are so good with him!! What a little stud

Turnage Family said...

He is beautiful!! I have thought about you so many times over the last year and am so delighted that your little one is doing so well. We are expecting our rainbow baby any day now. It gives me so much strength to hear how perfect your little man is and as always you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Sarah - Luke's Mommy

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