Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby Boy News

As I sit here typing this post, a couple days shy of 27 weeks pregnant, baby boy is kicking away. Today I realized that the perfectly timed kicks I have been feeling are probably hiccups! I cannot beleive it just occured to me!

Its been awhile since I have written. I have had lots to say but more to do. The Butterfly Footprint site has been keeping me quite busy. I also started selling avon which I never expected to be as time consuming as it is.  I think I subconciously arranged it that way. To keep my mind occupied & away from all the stress & consuming worries. It has worked to a point. I am busy but my mind goes there. To the what ifs & the stress. I also find it hard to sit at the computer for longer than fifteen minutes or so without my back hurting. This has dramatically hindered my blog reading & I miss it so! When I am here I usually try & get a few butterfly footprints done. I have completed about 75 in the 7 weeks it has been up & running.

I have had two doctor visits & an ultrasound since my last post. Both appointments went well. Blood pressure was in a normal range & last visit was 118/80. I'll take that! At home I get readings that vary from 90s/60s up to 122/70s. Those are great numbers for me. I am now taking 200mg labetalol twice a day. It seems to be doing its job. I looked over my medical records, again, for when I was pregnant with Janessa which was before all these blood pressure issues. The readings were all low/norm. Its so frustrating. Although I would like to take comfort in knowing my blood pressure is currently under control, I cannot. It was under control for Janessa as well. I try and stay as positive as I can that this time we will be bringing this baby home.

We also had an ultrasound on September 23rd. Due to my hypertensive disorder we will be having them every few weeks to make sure the growth stays on track. Our next doc visit and ultrasound is on Monday which happens to be our two year wedding anniversary. We have been together 12 years and it seems so weird to be back at "two year" anniversary. My husband has something up his sleeve and is out right now planning something for our anniversary. I would be content just getting a glimpse at our baby boy for our anniversary! Here are a few shots from last months ultrasound:

A shot of his face. He definitely looks like my husband & I am pretty sure he has his nose! This pic makes me laugh because he looks like a little old man! It almost looks like he is smirking doesn't it?

A shot of him grabbing his foot :)

He measured right on track and they told me he weighed 1 pound 7 ounces placing him in the 60th percentile. She remarked that he had long legs. She looked at his heart & brain for quite awhile and both look good. My husband did not see the white spot on his heart he had seen & they had found at the last scan. We will look again on Monday. What I didn't mention in the post where we got our test results was that even though we got the best results possible of having only a 1 in 10,000 chance of the baby having down syndrome, the white spot on the heart cuts those odds in half bringing our risk to 1 in 5,000. Those are still very low odds & no other risk factors have been identified.

A week or so ago JJ felt his baby brother kick for the first time. His reaction was unforgettable. His eyes opened so wide as he jumped back. He smiled & exclaimed that he had felt him. He tells everyone he kicked him right on the hand. He has since felt him twice more & usually tries to get a kick out of him before he goes to bed. He has even resorted to poking my belly & proudly tells people he already pokes his little brother. I regret not having JJ feel Janessa kick. She was never as active as this little boy. JJ was somewhere in the middle as far as his activity level in the womb. I am glad that out of my three this is the most active one. It definitely assures me. I printed out a kick count chart & a couple days ago began the daily counts. The doppler I have gets less & less use. I pull it out when he gives me a minor scare. Usually when I haven't felt him move for a few hours & cannot get him to do so. Poor little guy is probably just trying to sleep! If he has sleep issues as a newborn I'll only have myself to blame!


Cristin said...

I don't know how I missed the fact that you are pregnant again. I am soo overjoyed for you. This is just such wonderful news. I pray for peace for your soul and lots of little kicks and nudges. Congrats my friend.

Holly said...

I used my doppler less and less the further along I got. As long as the movements were good I felt I didn't need to use it.

Stephanie said...

Don't you think God is blessing us with active rainbow babies. I always thought when I finally get pregnant I'm going to get a doppler and use it like a mad woman. But to my surprise I never got it and here I am almost 32 wks into this and still constantly feeling this baby either have the hiccups, kick, punch or just move around. If he does give me a scare I do drink cold water to upset him a lil. But overall I think God just knew we needed to have some sanity and rest during our next pregnancy. I finally found you on FB now because I didn't learn of your pregnancy until late sept.

Mary said...

The relief that comes from the movements we feel cannot be described. I wish they would just keep moving the whole time I am awake. I have to keep reminding myself that the little one needs sleep.

Amanda said...

You look great, Mal! How is it that you're 2 weeks further than I am but smaller?!

I'm so happy to hear all is going well with you. I am always thinking of you.

Stay positive. Much love!

Anonymous said...

Love the bump and glad to hear all is well :)

crystal theresa said...

that is such a cute bump! congratulations on a rainbow brother for JJ and Janessa :).

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