Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Summer Fun

A couple days ago I took JJ & his best friend Dylan to the Ecotarium. JJ has not had a very exciting summer this year. With me being so sick we have not been able to get out and do alot of activities. Lately between the morning sickness & cramping episodes we have been stuck inside & we were both due for a day out. In the next couple weeks I will be attempting to cram in a handful of day trips to try and make up some missed summer fun.

While growing up I visited the Ecotarium quite a few times. It was always a fun trip. Over the years it began to decline in its upkeep. There were less and less exhibits and animals. I was hesitant to make the trip but after some thought I figured we would give it a shot. We picked up the library pass which got us half off admission, packed a lunch & were on our way.

I have to say we had a great day! They have really improved over the past couple years. They have some new animals & some really great hands on activities for the kids. We spent about 6 hours there and every moment was filled. We caught 3 seperate shows. The boys had so much fun.

They enjoyed all the reptiles very much.

They explored some plant life.

We saw some interesting animals.

Our favorite were the otters. They enjoyed chasing the water bottle through the glass.

The boys built a tetris like activity.

They even got to go inside a bubble. Something JJ tells me he has always wondered what it would be like. He wished though they could float in one :)

Haha look at his face!

We saw a polar bear. Sadly the other one that was there passed away a few years back.

And on our way out the boys were eaten by a dinosaur.


Lisette said...

Looks like a great time! I am glad you were able to enjoy the day. Take care!

Sarita Boyette said...

Glad you had some summer fun. My granddaughter LOVES otters! Were those opossums in one of the pics? They are very common here in Texas. They are strange animals.

Mary-Lukas' mommy said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy some time with JJ. They seemed to have had some good times. Memories they will never forget.

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