Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keeping Their Memory Alive

Keeping Their Memory Alive
I have created a new "spin off" project from Every Life Has A Story. It is a new website called "Keeping Their Memory Alive". It is a video memorial site for parents to come and share their child through video or slideshow. Many families have made their own memorial video and do not need the resource of Every Life Has A Story. It is a place where bereaved parents can come and share their child's story. A place to remember our children together. A place of comfort, knowing that you are not alone.

After we lost our daughter Janessa, I spent endless hours on video hosting sites searching & watching other family's videos of their angels. It was a whole new world for me and even though my heart shattered for each family I also found comfort knowing I wasn't walking this road alone. Alot of the videos led me to some amazing resources that have helped me tremendously. My goal is to create a memorial site that honors each child and brings bereaved parents together.

Please visit the site & leave some feedback!

If you have a slideshow or video of your child you wish to submit to the memorial site please see the video submission tab on the site. You can then email the info to

The site was just a few days ago so any help spreading the word or video submissions would be appreciated to get the site up & running!

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K said...

Thank you a million times over for sharing this site. I'm still working at being able to share the few pictures I have of our little girl, but I think I know where I'm taking them once I'm able to show her to others.

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