Thursday, July 15, 2010

Appointment, Result & a Whole Lot of Talk About Urine

If you told me a little over year ago I would have a blog I would have never believed you. If you went on to tell me I would discuss my pee on it I would have thought you were crazy & laughed in your face...on that note heres the latest preggo update :)

Yesterday I had a regular visit with the high risk OB. For this pregnancy I will only be seen by her. I was nervous going in because I was worried what the results from the 24 hour urine catch would be. This was done because they found protein at my last visit & they also wanted to get a baseline reading for future reference throughout the pregnancy.

I had convinced myself that if there had been a problem with the results they would have called me. Each time I picked up my phone to call for the results I would change my mind. I was so worried that the results would come back & there would be an issue with my kidneys or liver or even one of the worse results I had read online. I try & keep a balance on how much research I do. I believe info is power but when you have anxiety it can sometimes do more damage than good.

The results of the catch came back normal. Everything was in normal range. What a relief that is! I had both the nurse and doctor give me the results.

The dipstick test they did at the visit did show trace protein. This can be normal. The kidneys which regulate the protein excrete substances in different rates throughout the day. The present of protein can also be caused by stress or hypertension. My blood pressure is controlled for the most part but stress…considering this past year & the emotions that come along with this pregnancy…stress is very well present. I am grateful the 24 hour test was done as it has brought some relief. I am sure this will be repeated a few times. I will be monitored very closely & this will be as well.

Speaking of my blood pressure we had a good reading this visit! It was 124/?. I was so relieved that it was good that I forgot the bottom #! I believe it was 74.
The nurse found the baby’s heartbeat rather quickly & it was 166 beats per minute. Jess from Epic Fail had sent me a home doppler & I have been trying to find the heartbeat at home. I thought I had found it a few times & it was in the same spot the nurse had found it yesterday.

The doctor did mention progesterone shots but we both agreed I wasn’t really a candidate. Progesterone is given to women with a history of delivering a premature baby. Its also given early in the pregnancy to women who have suffered numerous miscarriages & those who have gone through IVF treatments. I personally do not have that history. My son Jayden was a few days late & the only reason Janessa was born early was because of the placenta abruption.

The shots would be given at 16 weeks through 36 weeks. I was surprised she mentioned it but it intrigued me to look up some info. I found that in a study they did on pregnant women where some were given progesterone & others given a placebo, in the group that had the progesterone shots, the babies of those women were less likely to be born prematurely, be stillborn, die soon after birth, have breathing problems or other serious complications. I asked the doctor if there was any downside & she said the shots could do no harm but she would read up on some literature pertaining to placenta abruption & progesterone & discuss this further at my next appointment. Right now I am on the fence about this. I may lean towards the shots because of my blood pressure issues. There is a chance I may have to deliver early & if the research is correct & those who had received the progesterone had babies who had less breathing issues I’m not sure the shots would be such a bad idea.

So as of right now all looks well. Our little "flutterbug" is doing well. Call me crazy but I swear I can feel some very tiny movements! I felt my son at 18 weeks, Janessa at 16 weeks & they say each time you can feel them earlier. That also goes for showing earlier too! I am still in the stage where I look like I've gained weight but not quite pregnant yet, depending on what I'm wearing for an outfit. Looking forward to moving out of this stage soon!

On another note, we will not get the NT scan (well actually the blood test) results until August 16th. That also happens to be the day we find out the gender!


Anonymous said...

This all sounds great. There isn't alot of info out there on the progesterone injections, but I say it can't hurt and they say it can't hurt you or the baby. You and your doc will make the decision that is right for you. :)

They also tell me a trace is ok on the protein. I have had one or two dipsticks that showed a trace, but the 24 hour came out clean. I am feeling optimistic right now.

So glad all is well *hugs*

Bree said...

I was the classic preterm labor case. For that reason, I did the p17 shots. I truly believe in them for ptl. I felt fabulous for about 2 days after each shot. As they started to wear off, I would start contracting again. I say it doesn't hurt to do them, but that's just my opinion. xo

Lisette said...

I am happy to hear that you are doing well and the baby too. Why will it take so long for the NT results? Take that as a good thing, with Sami they knew something was wrong right away.

I am going to mark my calender for 08/16, so excited to find out what you are having. That always gets me excited. I say team pink but we shall see. : )

Malory said...

Thanks ladies! I am starting to lean more towards them.

Bree- Did the doc have to give them to you or did you do it yourself?

Lisette- The baby wouldn't stay still long enough to measure the fluid behind the neck so I was sent down to have the blood test instead. I have to wait another week or so to do the second set of blood draws for the test. They will then go over the results at our next ultrasound.

Jen said...

((yay for good news)) I can't wait to hear more good news and if you're expecting pink or blue!! :)

Sarita Boyette said...

Glad your urine test turned out OK. I've had to fill those big jugs before. The last time I did, I took it to the doctor's office in a pretty recycled Christmas bag.
But, seriously, I'm thankful you are being watched closely and I will be awaiting the results of your next check up. God bless you.

Michelle said...

That is awesome news!!! I am curious to hear what your doc will find with the progesterone shots. I pray that everything continues to go well for you!

Mary said...

Glad to hear that everything is going well. I hope that it continues that way.

Holly said...

Glad the 24 hr came back good. I'm glad your dr is looking more into the shots just in case.

With Out My Punkin said...

Hoping things continue to go well! I dont know if you are open to it, but there is a natural product that is lotion that you can use until you are 3 months.

Tyler's Mom and Dad said...

Hi Malory, I just found your blog and first of all I wanted to say that your Janessa is beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost my son Tyler in October due to a placental abruption, as well.

I just wanted to introduce myself because I to am pregnant again and going through a similar situation with the protein in the urine. Right now I am 21 weeks.

I am following your blog and hopefully we can both pray for each other during our pregnancies.

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