Monday, April 26, 2010

I Will Never

I Will Never

I will never sing you lullabies
or tuck you in at night
I will never kiss a boo boo
or soothe you from a fright
I will never read you stories
or hear you sing a song
I will never put your toys away
or teach you right from wrong
I will never hear you laugh
or ever see you smile
I will never tickle you
or hold you just a while
I will never teach you letters
Or help you with your math
I will never play in a pool
or get soaked in a bath
I will never make you breakfast
or prepare for you a snack
I will never hug you again
or ever get hugged back
I will never brush your hair
or help you get dressed
I will never tie your shoe
or tell you how I'm blessed
I will never play a game of tag
Or hide and go seek
I will never comfort you
or hold you when you are weak
All these things I will never do
and it will hurt until forever
But you ask will I forget you?
And I'll tell you never.
-- Amy Gray
Missing you Janessa.


Cristin said...

your poem stopped me dead in my tracks. It describes almost everything I did today with my 3 year old and will never do with my sweet Cayden. You spoke to me and my husband with every word.

With Out My Punkin said...

:( We will NEVER forget!

Luke's Mommy said...

Wishing I could ease your pain...

Lisette said...

Oh I am in tears right now. So sad that we will never get to do those things with our daughter's BUT we will always hold them dear in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

This is all so true. *hugs* This brought a couple tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this.

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