Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Waterfall Angels

A couple days ago I recieved an email from Lisa over at Waterfall Angels. Lisa lost her son Jasper at 6 1/2 months pregnant due to pre-eclampsia & HEELP. He was born on 3/4/09 & passed on 3/6/09. She created Waterfall Angels to give back to fellow angel moms & help keep Jasper's memory alive.

She thought of Janessa & took time out of her life to take & send me some pictures.

She takes them at a state park in Florida.

When I opened the email I was in tears. I did not request them so it came as a wonderful surprise to my day. A welcome & much needed one. Thank you Lisa! When people think of Janessa & do special things it brings me a few moments of comfort & healing. I know she understands this herself.

If you would like some done pop on over.

Waterfall Angels


Franchesca Cox said...

Malory, I know what you mean about these little things bringing healing and comfort. They mean so much.

I wanted to tell you that I just saw your child loss resources page, and I think you've done such a good job at compiling everything for babyloss parents. Thanks for doing it!


Holly said...

I am so glad that Lisa thought of so many! I love mine!

Kim Golinski said...

Wow - those are so beautiful!

Such an amazing and thoughtful gift!!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!!

Angela Donaldson said...

I love it and I get it, those little things keep us going

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