Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lips of Truth

Yesterday morning after my son had just finished his YMCA basketball game we hung around for a few moments while the kids shot some baskets. A friend of mine works there & she asked how I was doing. She knew I was having a tough time the previous day. She is all too familiar with the road of grief as she lost her son when he was 19 in May of 1999. We chatted a bit about the holidays and how hard they are & how tough last year was on so many people each of us knew. She then asked me if JJ could tell when I was having a hard time. I told her "No for the most part but I'm sure he does get an idea some days when I just don't have it in me to play or be silly."

My son has always been ahead of his age when it comes to emotions & perception of what is going on around him. He notices most details that we as adults would overlook.

She had to return to work & we were heading out for a late breakfast with my Mom.

After we were finished eating we were sitting at the restaurant talking. My son then asked me this:

JJ: "Mom, Do angels have magic powers?"

Me: Pause...."I believe they have heavenly powers."

JJ: "What are heavenly powers?"

Me: "Very much like magic powers I suppose."

JJ: "Then I wonder if Janessa can make you all better."

Me: A silent stare at my baby boy who just wants his "mommy" back. A moment of choking back some tears and clearing the lump in my throat. Then, "Yes sweety, that would be nice."

I guess I'm not hiding my pain as well as I thought I was. *sigh*


Elizabeth said...

Wow! I believe that children are the most perceptive beings. I think they can sense and see things that we adults can't (have closed ourselves off). What a sweet little boy you have. God Bless. *hugs*

Missing Kasey said...

children are so perceptive, much more than most give them credit for! ((hugs)) Thinking of you


Just Breathe said...

Your son is so sweet and he loves you so much. I don't think you need to hide your pain. I know you want to protect him, don't want him hurting for you. You are all in so much pain. I will continue to pray for your comfort and strength.

Anonymous said...

children are so god daughter always know when I'm having a bad day. And she will give mt a random hugs and kiss...she's five.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mal =/ *Hugs*

Kelli with Love said...

Awww..what a sweetheart. I'm so sorry he is picking up on that. But how sweet to just want you better. Thank Heavens you have him.

Jen said...

it is sooo hard to hide the pain all of the time, sometimes I feel my son staring at me, and I quickly have to paste on a smile.. He loves you and just wants you back to happy, I believe we will get there with time...hugs and what a sweet boy you have there!! :)

Anonymous said...

Children are amazingly perceptive. Your little boy truly loves you...such a gift.

Holly said...

Children can really be so perceptive. Your son is so sweet for wanting his mommy to be better.

Judi Mac said...

Well... i have been down this road and I think our children ,who have suffered too ,are way ahead in the emotion department. Again my heart breaks to know how hard it is for you and for jj and your husband. And I am sorry that i knew

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