Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Never Felt So Wrong

I was visiting Once A Mother's blog earlier & she had the most beautiful song playing. It is called Winter Song. It is by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson. It sums up alot of my feelings right now. Here is the video.

It reminded me of another song I wanted to post for everyone. It is also called Winter Song but it is by Sarah Mclachlan. It is beautiful.

I find alot of healing in music. It helps me express some of my emotions that I keep bottled at times.

Here is the other video:

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Susan said...

Malory - they are both great songs. You are right - the whole thing is just so off...just so unquestionably wrong...and it will NEVER seem right. Hugs...

Anonymous said...

I listened to both and they are both great songs. I especially enjoyed Sarah McLachlin's song.

This December is very difficult. I can only hope next December is easier...for all of us.

Once A Mother said...

sarah has always touched me deeply, and yet, somehow, I haven't heard this song until now. thank you so much for sharing.

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